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IPSY: October Reveal & September Review


I had planned to start up this series when I received my first my subscription back up in August but it didn’t happen, so I am starting it now.

I thought it would be fun to reveal what I get in my monthly Ipsy Bag each month but then review the products from the previous Ipsy bag and let you know if they ended up in my like, love, or leaving pile. I do post monthly on my Liking, Loving or Leaving but I don’t always touch on samples so I thought this might be a good place for those.

If you want to check out my Monthly favs click here –> September, Summer, June

This is my second time having a subscription to Ipsy. I did take a break for a few months just because my samples were getting out of control and I was finding I wasn’t using a lot of the products. But I decided to give it another go.

Ok so lets get into it and lets start with the reveal of this month’s bag:

The Bag

IMG_0448(1)Although I have quite a few of the Ipsy bags and they are all pretty much the same size, I am always curious to see what the bag is going to look like. Honestly from the photos I was seeing online (I wasn’t super impressed with it) but now with it in my hands I must say it is cute. It feels very vinyl like with a lace pattern detail in the vinyl that is a bit raised. I also LOVE that the pull is a bat, however the bat is suppper cheap and feels like it would fall and bend quite easily, but I think it is adorable.


Ok lets get to the goods

The first thing I pulled out was the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder.

I like the container it comes in. Even though it is just thick cardboard it has that silky matte texture like Nars packaging. It comes with a small sponge which I am sure I won’t use but I like that they have it in there, especially for a sample. I have the loose powder in this product and I have done a first impression on it here —>One Brand Review- It Cosmetics 

I do wish they would give you the sizing of this product, because there is no way to tell how much product you are getting. But I did go on the Ipsy website and they are saying 3g. It is marketed as NEW! but it has been around for quite some time now, but I am still excited to try it and compare it to my loose powder.

9g = $38 (Canadian on Sephora) So you are getting a value of $12.67 with your 3g.

Next a product from Hey Honey

This is a brand that I received a product from in my Ipsy bag last year some time– a serum– and I really liked it so I am curious about this one.

IMG_0425Trick and Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer (now I am pretty sure I recognize propolis from ingredients in some of my heavy duty body moisturizers, so I am going to check that out)

I am sure this got included because it’s the October bag, but I am looking forward to trying it. It says it is in a Natural Tone and for Normal to Dry Skin– I am sure natural is not going to be natural for everyone which is disappointing but I will try it out and see how it goes for me.

On the Hey Honey website a full size of this product is 0.5oz and is $36.00 American so the 0.27oz sample is worth $19.44 American or $24.33 Canadian.

IMG_0427Next we have a n Eye Cream by Context. I haven’t heard of this brand before and it is a pretty big size 0.5oz, which I checked and it is their full size with a cost of $35.00 American ($43.80) I just got an eye cream in my August bag. I like trying skin care samples but I find some of the brands they include as so obscure that if you really like them they are hard to purchase, especially here in Canada.  But it has Vitamin C and claims to be brightening and refreshing so I will give it a go.


IMG_0428Next a brand that I recognize- Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer in Light. I was pumped to get this since I am almost out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion and this will hopefully get my though until the VIB Sephora Sale.

You are getting .02 oz of product and full size is $26.00 and .08oz so this sample is worth $6.50

Finally a lip product by Luna (again I am sure this probably got picked to go with the October theme) It is a lip crayon in the shade Elara.

It is a rosy shade that is suppose to go on sheer but be buildable. It has plastic packaging you can tell it is well made and that cover is not going to fall off in your bag. Now I did smell it and it actually smells like a crayon, I am hoping it won’t be drying on the lips. There is 2.6 g of product which again is a full size and cost $18.00 American ($22.53)

So that is what is in my October bag. I think the value is definitely there on this bag.



Also I am loving the card that came with this month’s bag. I want to make it into a planner dashboard or a bookmark, etc.


Wow so I didn’t plan to go into so much detail about the October Bag but if you are still with me lets review my September bag.


IMG_0451September’s theme was- Like A Boss and I really like the bag that it came in. It is faux leather and has faux pyramid studding on it. With the gold zip I think this is an awesome bag.






So to be completely honest I have only tried 5 out of the 6 of my samples but with good reason.

I have been having some skin congestion and little bumps on my forehead so I have been limiting my face masks to products I know well. However I did take the plunge and try one of them.

IMG_0017The Mugwort Astringent & Pore Care one. I figured since I was battling some acne the astringent would be good for it. What I wasn’t expecting is how gentle on my skin it was. I was worried it would be drying. I do not have good luck with sheet mask, and this one went above my expectation. I am looking forward to trying the brightening one, but I am going to wait a few more days. I like the mask so much that I actually looked it up and plan to place and order for them. You can get them here and they come in a package of 5 for $10 American.

So since I started out with the product I liked the most, lets go with a top to bottom method which means next on the list is Smash Box Photo Finish Radiance Primer (spoiler alert this product is next on the list but only marginally because the rest of the products are kind of meh to me)

The photo above shows it blended into my skin beside the product. 

This primer is nice but it is similar to many others and they all do the same sort of thing for me. I find I can’t wear them all over my face, so I end up having to use two primers because these illuminating primers look terrible where my pores are larger around my nose and chin. And because I tend to be on the dry side, I don’t buy matte foundations so I can’t really add it into those to give a more dewy finish.

I do find because this product has a salmon coloured base that it would be good for hiding imperfections if you wanted to wear it alone. But I don’t think it gives a glowy skin effect more of shimmering effect. I even tried to use it once over my foundation as more of a highlight, but it just ended up breaking up my foundation.

Next lets go with the Colour Pop Brow Pencil. I don’t know whether to put this here in the list since this thing is painful. I find it so dry that when you try to put it on, it drags across your skin. Also the spooly brush is really sharp and doesn’t feel nice. But I like the shade that it is in, and I think it makes my brows look really natural. But I am not grabbing for it because I know it takes a lot of work to get it to build up and it doesn’t feel nice. I think it would be great for a beginner because if you did really light strokes with it, it wouldn’t hurt and you can really go over the top with it. But for my it will probably end up getting neglected till it goes bad.

Dirty Little Secret Lip Gloss– now there is nothing wrong with this lipgloss. It is perfectly fine. It isn’t sticky. It applies well. It has a light vanilla cupcake scent that goes away pretty quickly. But for me it is kind of meh. It may be because I have so many lip products that I am in love with and are similar shades that I just don’t grab for it. I had to remind myself to wear it so I could talk about it on here, which if I have to remind myself to wear something, that’s not a good sign.

Lastly we have Pixi  Blush. I feel bad putting this one on at the end because really it is on the same level as the last couple products, but I have been having a hard time working with this. It is super, super creamy. Feels almost like a tarte eyeshadow when you swatch it, but now matter what brush I use and even with a light touch it goes super heavy on me. Which is strange since when I swatch it, it hardly shows up. I end up blending it out with a clean brush and get it looking nice, but then it doesn’t end up lasting on my more then a few hours. I have however tried this as an eye shadow and I liked it. With my primer potion it did last ok, but still not great.

So there are my September & October Bags. I am excited for the products this month and to give them a try. I am hoping I have better luck with my October then September but I am still counting the September a win because I love the bag and that mask.

I would love to hear if you subscribe to Ipsy and what you got in your October Glam Bag. I love seeing and hearing what others got, so definitely comment down below.




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