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Great Canadian Planner Sale Shop


Since the Great Canadian Planner Sale is upon us (October 27th-30th) I have been looking on the GCPS Instagram looking at the shops participating and checking out their shops. Some I am familiar with and have shopped at before, others are new to me.

When I was searching through the different shops, I thought back to the Planner Boss Collective sale and how the girls over there put the shops in categories on their website and how much easier it made shopping.

So I decided to to do the same in hopes that it might help someone out with their shopping.  All participating shops are listed below under the category of what products they sell (if they sell more then one they are listed as so) I have also put the discount amount next to the shop and linked their shop as well to make it easier.

Check out some of my picks down below after you are finished looking through the shops.

(Note: I am in way affiliated with the Great Canadian Planner Sale- I just wanted to make this post to help others with their shopping- I am a PR Girl for the Studyholic–which you know if you have read some of my previous posts) 

Shop Owners: If I have not included you in a category that you feel you should be in, please contact me @ and I can add you in. I did this list from looking at each companies Etsy shop and may have missed items.

*text in purple are updates (as of October 26th) I have added in what shops are offering extras or freebies as per their Instagram. 


stickers.pngAllycat’s Shop 40%  – EC Vertical, Monthly, Note Pages,Functional, Icons, Personal


Ariebea 30% -Kwaii Icons Offering freebies from 5 shops for the first 20 orders. Along with the freebies there will be 2 more from her shop including 1 mini freebie and 1 diecut. 

BeClukasPlannerShopBeClukasPlannerShop 30% – EC Vertical, Monthly, Notes, Icons, Diecuts

Will get the following freebie plus first 10 will get get an extra goodie 


Charlottesminis   40% Mini Kits, Sticker Books, Icons

The first 5 purchases will receive all freebies along hers and later orders will receive a random freebie. 

Coffeebrainplans 30%-  Icons

Confetti Baby 20% – Fashion Stickers

Confetti Baby will be drawing for prizes each day. 

Elleplan 30%- EC Horizontal, Vertical, Mini Happy Planner, Icons, Functional, Die Cuts

First 20 orders will receive all the freebies, but all orders will receive Elle’s bear freebie


Esbycreative 40%- EC Horizontal, Vertical, Monthly, Happy Planner, Plum Paper, Decorative, Functional

Glitz and Glam Planning 35%- Vertical, Monthly, Functional

Jpstickersbyjill 35% –  EC Weekly Kit, Happy Planner Kit

KateLaurenDesigns 35%- EC Horizontal, Vertical, Mini Happy Planner, Bullet Journal

Giving away a holiday themed freebie. 


Letslumos 50% – EC Kits, Happy Planner, Script Words, Monthly, Icons

Every order will receive a sale exclusive freebie

All orders over $35 Canadian will receive a deluxe super mini kit freebie

First 20 orders will receive 5 samplers from different shops 

Littleredballoonink 35%- Kits, Mini Kits, Icons, Functional

All orders will receive the deluxe sale freebie

Orders over $50 Canadian will receive a full sheet  freebie 

First 20 orders will receive a bonus sample set from 6 other shops. 


Ohanastory 25%- Hand drawn characters


OliviaNorra 40%- EC Vertical, Icons, Functional

All orders get a sampler plus first 10 will get a custom diecut 


Paigeplans 35% – EC Vertical, Horizontal, Hourly, Functional, Icons, Note Pages

Freebie will all orders, Larger freebies with orders over $35 and $70


Paisleyprintsco 20% plus free shippping – EC  Vertical, Horizontal, Deco, Kawaii, Monthly


Papercranstickers 35% – Weekly, Mini Kits, Monthly, Deco, Kawaii

First 20 orders receive all 7 freebies, exclusive freebies all weekend long 

Orders over $50 receive double samplers

Orders over $75 receive free grab bag (four sheets)

Paperhoneyshop 30%- EC Vertical, Horizontal, mini kits, Deco,

Pinkrosestickerco 25%- Weekly Kit, Monthly, Kawaii, Icons, Word, Trackers

Exclusive freebie for all orders 

Bonus freebies for spending $25 plus and $40 plus 

Bonus samplers from 10 other shops 25%- EC Monthly, Functional, Icons

Every order will receive the Christmas sampler and plus two of the other samplers in the photo. 

Plannermonkeyco 25%- Icons, Diecuts

All orders receiver sampler, over $25 larger page, and first 30 orders named diecut, various other shop freebies

Planninglikeapro 30% – EC Weekly Kits, Monthly Kit,

Puppersandfloofs 40%- Icons

Shannonjanine 30% – EC Vertical, Functional, Icons, Foil

Simplyamess 30%- EC Full & Mini Kits, Personal Kits, Functional, Icons

SpotDrop 30% – Icons, Diecuts

The first 20 orders over $15 will also get a surprise bag with samplers. 

Stickerfever 20% – Kawaii, Kits, Functional, Icons

Samplers, Exclusive deluxe freebie with orders over $15

Stickwithchim 30%- Icons, Functional

Thestickerparty 30% off $20- Icons, Functional

Thestudyholic 40% – Weekly, Monthly, Functional, Characters, DiecutsIMG_0742


Uncommonplans 30% – Weekly EC & HP, Diecuts, Kawaii, Deco

All orders will get a freebie from uncommonplans and a random one from others shops. Orders over $20 will receive exclusive mystique unicorn die cut sticker & if you join her facebook group you’ll receive an additional exclusive Ice Queen freebie. 

Whitedeerstationery 20%- Kits- Deluxe & Regular, Functional, Deco, Foil

This is the sneak peak that was posted on WDS IG. I Reeeallly want this one. 


Inserts.pngBookfellstudio 15% plus Free Canadian Shipping

WashiBookfellstudio 15% plus Free Canadian Shipping

Coffeebrainplans 30%

Jubjubcove 35%

Ohanastory 25%


clipscharsmBookfellstudio 15% plus Free Canadian Shipping

Coffeebrainplans 30%

Confetti Baby 20%

Will be drawing for a prize everyday

ShopJot 20% and Free Cad Ship

Every order over $10 before discount will receive a key ring, but every order will receive a freebie.


Misspippajayne 25%

First 60 orders will receive sticker sampler from Confetti Baby 

Orders over $15 USD will receive a toque clip 

SparklyCraftyShop 30%

Adorable moose clip for orders over $10 


Whitedeerstationery 20%

bookmarksClumsyandcompany 30%

Free bookmark 


Confetti Baby 20%

SpotDrop 30%

See above for freebie


Coffeebrainplans 30%

Planninglikeapro 30%




ShopJot 20% and Free Cad Ship

Anyone who spends over $10 after discount will receive one of these key rings.Plus every order will receive a freebie.  




printableCoffeebrainplans 30%

mypeachyprintablesca 25%

KateLaurenDesigns 35%

Uncommonplans 30%





SparklyCraftyShop 30%

SpotDrop 30%

See above section for freebie


So I thought I would share with your some of the shops/items that caught my eye while making the above listing. Also I want to share with you shops that I have purchased from before and fully recommend.

Below are all shops I have previously shopped from and would purchase from again and recommend you check out

White Deer Stationery 20%

The Studyholic 40%

Simply A Mess 30%

Olivia & Norra 40%

EllePlan 30%

Allycatsshop 40%

Next lets talk about some shops & items that caught my attention when looking through all the shops. Note: I said some, I honestly I saw something from every shop I would love to have, but this list would go on forever so I will only be listing a few. 
Also During the Planner Boss Sale I bought most of the kits I need for the rest of the year, so I am trying to stay away from Christmas & Winter kits, but there are soo many good ones available from the sticker shops, but for this reasons I don’t have any kits on my list. 

Charlotte’s Minis 40%

This girl has the cutest mini sticker books & there is a sushi one that needs to come to me. I am not usually into cutesy or kawaii stickers but these I need.






Paigeplans 35%

Another shop that I definitely want to check out more is Paige Plans. How adorable are these Christmas activity stickers.


If you like Deco stickers Papercranstickers 35% has some trendy ones

Confetti Baby 20% has adorable planner clips


I need this set from SparklyCraftyShop 30%



White Deer Stationery  20% off

I am loving these hand drawn coffee icons & have you ever seen a more glammed up movie marquee?

I have looked at this kit for while, and since I am done winter kit shopping I can pick up this for the summer. It’s the perfect summer boho camping kit. (it’s real name is Boho Babe)


Those are just a few of the items that i have been looking at and adding to my cart. I would love to hear what you have been looking at. Comment below with what you plan to pick up during the sale.

Also if you want tips on how to shop a sale without going over budget, check out my post here –> Shopping The Planner Boss Collective Sale- How To Not Get Overwhelmed & Overspend


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