Lip Care Routine For Very Dry Lips


cherrychapI have always had extremely dry lips and when I say extremely, I mean EXTREMELY DRY.  I am assuming it has a bit to do with my dislike of drinking water, or my constant need to lick my lips, or maybe it’s hereditary but whatever the reason, I can remember having extremely dry lips even as a kid. I remember my parents buying me cherry chapstick (maybe that is where my hate of cherry flavour things has come) and telling me to stop picking at dry lips, which even as a kid was a habit I had. Fast forward to my ‘grown up’ years and I still struggle with dry lips.

Along with the struggle of dry lips, I also have the bad habit of picking at my dry lips.

Warning: this post is about to get super real.

I have a bad habit of picking the dry skin off my lips. Which by the way is so damaging to your lips. But once my lips get super dry and cracked, even though I know I shouldn’t, I pick at them. And do you know what happens when you pick dry skin off your lips? They bleed and after they bleed and are incredibly painful.  It also causes more and more lines (and scars) in your lips

So because I know I have this terrible bad (gross) habit, I have to take extra care of my lips and make sure they don’t get to that overly dry stage where I pick at them.

I wanted to share the above info because I want to share how I take care of my extremely extremely dry lips and I wanted you to know that I am not a person who’s lips get dry occasionally and can be helped by putting  on a cheap $1.99 lip balm for a couple days (although I have found a pretty awesome cheap balm, read on below if you are interested) I am a person who has to treat lip care like I do my skin care and have a solid routine and be super dedicated with it, to even have some what hydrated lips, which most people would consider dry.

If you want to know I do to take of my skin check out my post on my skin care tips.


Firstly and most importantly I pay a lot of attention to the how my lips are feeling. I do this out of sheer panic that I will go through the extremely dry lips I went through last winter where the edge of my lips turned sooo red and raw it hurt to talk and took like a month and a half to clear up.

So I pay a lot of attention. If my lips are feeling or looking dry I put a lip balm on them right away. If I don’t within a couple days I could have a bad flare up.

So here is what I do daily to avoid that


sephoralipbalmMy morning routine is super easy, after I wash & tone my face while I wait for my face to dry, I put on a lip balm. If I am going to put on a lipstick or lip gloss that day I will wait until I am about ready to leave the house, that way my lip balm has had a good chance to absorb and it limits the amount of time I have gloss or stick on.

Really the morning is super simple but believe me, if I skip the morning lip balm I can tell the difference by afternoon.

My morning lip balm right now is this Sephora Super Moisturizing Balm*. I just recently found my two tubes of it that I lost last month so I have been loving it for morning. I like it because it layers really well with whatever I decide to put over top of it. I hate having a thick lip balm on and trying to put lipstick over it.

*this lip balm has been discontinued.


sephorapadThis is where I do the majority of my lip care. After I take my makeup off but before I wash my face I will put on my lib scrub. I will sometimes use just my fingers but other times I use this silicone brush to help scrub the dead skin off my lips. You can also use a dry wash cloth (or wet if you want it to be less abrasive)


sugarlippolishI switch it up between my products. This Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh is my favourite. I use it about once a week (although it says it can be used up to three times a week) I find it too harsh to use more then once a week and if I am diligent with the rest of my lip care I usually only need it once a week (sometimes twice in the winter).

sephorascrubI have been trying this Sephora one out and although it is definitely more gentle and could be used more often, I don’t feel it is super hygienic since your dead skin cells are wiping on it. Also I always wipe away the balm part afterwards because I don’t like the texture of it. It is weirdly greasy but it also leaves some of the exfoliatant on your lips and just feels weird. Although it’s not a bad product I definitely prefer my Sensational Lips from Lise Watiers.


biteAfter I use the scrub I will then use a heavier lip mask. I really like the Bite Beauty lip mask. I have two, the original and the maple. Honestly I think the original works much better and it isn’t as hard to squeeze out of the tube for some reason.


So the above night routine is once or twice a week but the other nights? The other nights I rotate through lip care products depending on how my lips are feeling, but I never go to sleep without a lip balm. 

Other Lip Balms I throw on during the day or rotate through at night are:

liptherapyVaseline– I have these two but the white one definitely is the better of the two and I have no clue why. Last winter when I had my flare up this definitely was part of the reason I got it under control. Especially when it came to around my lip line. I find this stuff really helps chapped skin around your lips, but it isn’t my favourite for my actual lips.


aquarAquaphor– This is my ride or die. I love this stuff. It keeps my lips so moist. The only two cons with this product is 1. It is in a pot and putting my fingers into it is gross and 2. If my lips are in a good place this can break my out around my lips. But I don’t care because this stuff helps my lips stay so soft. I first purchased it last winter when I had the flare up and it with the vaseline was my solution. I want to continue using it as the cold weather comes and hopefully avoid that situation again.

IMG_9251Fresh Lip Treatments– I have recently just started using these. I will link the first impression that I posted on this kit, in it I also give my suggestions for what holiday kits are worth their value. Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box Review . I haven’t been using them long but I really like them. I love them for when my lips are not feeling up to wearing lipstick because they give some colour but also hydrate. I have used the clear one overnight but it doesn’t last like the aquaphor or lip mask. I do want to try out their Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment.

blitexBlistex Lip Medex– This lip balm reminds me of my university days. I had so many of the little pots and the smell of the menthol in it will forever remind me of those days. I still us this balm from time to time, mainly in stick form because I find the pots gross. Although I can’t use this when my lips really dry out and crack because this stuff burns when you put it on broken skin (Plus I am pretty sure you’re not suppose to use it on broken skin anyhow).

What I Do To TRY and Prevent My Lips From Drying Out

Wearing Lip Balm Throughout The Day & Anytime I Don’t Have A Lipstick/Gloss On

If my lipstick wears off and I am not putting more on, I immediately put a lip balm on. Also anytime I don’t have a lipstick or gloss on, I always have a balm on my lips.

Limiting Lipstick Use

I don’t wear lipstick every day, especially in the winter. I wear it mainly on the weekends or if I am going out.

Picking Lip Products That Have Moisturizing Properties In Them

I try to pick lip products that are made from good ingredients like Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche  lipsticks that are made of food grade ingredients and have ingredients in them that are moisturizing. If you look at the ingredients list for the Bite lipsticks, they are full of oils & waxes such as Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Wax, plus many, many more.

REALLY Limiting Matte Lipsticks

It is not often I wear matte lipsticks. I can probably count the number of times a year on my hands. One because they are drying and two because of the damage I have done to my lips matte lipsticks look terrible on me. But if I do wear one it is when my lips are at their best and I make sure to limit the hours wearing it and follow up a good lip mask.


I hope that this post has helped you, if you also suffer from dry lips. I really want to at a lip serum into my routine to see if I can maybe plump my lips a bit and get rid of some of these scars. I tried the Clinque All About Lips but it didn’t give me the results I was hoping for. I am considering trying the Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy and I really want to try the Laneige Sleeping Mask but it is never in stock.

If you have any holy grail lip moisturizing products I would love to hear them, so please comment below.








5 thoughts on “Lip Care Routine For Very Dry Lips

  1. I was also suffering from my chapped and dry lips for long time.Lots for products and medications applied but all are failed.After some I read too many articles posts on Google and than trying to concentrate on my diet and started using honey on my lips..Now my lipslook beautiful and rosy

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