Planner Boss Collective Sale Haul


So I wanted to share what I picked up during the Planner Boss Collective Sale. If you read my post a couple weeks ago on Shopping The Planner Boss Collective Sale- How To Not Get Overwhelmed & Overspend I spoke about how I was going to shop the sale and my tips for not overspending. I also go more into detail about the sale & when the sales happen each year– so check that out for more info.

In my previous post I said that my budget was $125 for my main purchases and I gave myself $25 of fun money. I am happy to say I stayed on budget, my total was:

However I didn’t give everything I had on my list.

Here is what I did get

I don’t know where to start since every time I open one of the orders I keep saying this is my favourite. But honestly I am in love with every single thing I picked up.

Lets go in alphabetical order

Cricket Paper Co

The paper quality from this shop is amazing!!!! It’s a vinyl matte and it is gorgeous. Also look at the sampler that came with my order. It is sooo pretty. I love the font on the word stickers. Since this sampler includes a weekend banner and seven checklists, I will be able to use this as a whole spread.

IMG-0513The kit that I had my eye on for the sale was the Spell On You Mini Kit. I ordered it in thh Happy Planner version. I don’t usually purchase Happy Planner kits since most shops do EC but Cricket Paper Co does offer Happy Planner layouts so I picked my kits up in those. Its a mini kit so I will still have lots of white space but I can’t wait to use this kit.

I also really like the bill due stickers and how they are corner stickers.

I picked up two winter kits. One is for Christmas and the other I will probably use in January (I have included photos from her etsy shop because the photos I took had really bad flash back–note if you have any tips on taking photos of vinyl or glossy with lights I would love to hear them). Because they are printed on vinyl they are super vibrant. I love the floral mixed in with the kits. I think it adds something extra to them to make them not so much conventional chrismtas kits. I love how in the HP kits there are the three strips for washi, so you can break them up to use across the page, or you could stack them on top of one another at the bottom of your page. I ordered these kits in mini but ordered the headers for them. I am a header gal so I am not sure why I didn’t order headers for the Spell On You Kit.

IMG-0646Finally from this shop I ordered a micro kit. I love her micro kits because it has my checklists which I can’t go without, but also a few full boxes, half boxes, and a weekend banner to pull it all together. This one is totally out of my element with super bright rainbow colours but I thought it would be fun. This page is an example of something that wasn’t on my list so I added into my ‘extra side of my budget’


IMG-0644My order also included their business card (which I love when shops do this. It is great PR and on the back she is promoting her monthly subscription mystery kit and is giving $2 off your first month. I asked if I could share it with all of you and Erica agreed so use the code PBC2OFF to save!! Click here to sign up Cricket Paper Co











Next up we have Eclectically Emily

This was my first time purchasing from her shop. The kit I purchased was on my radar when I checked out all the shops from IG.

Lets start with the samplers. She include one of hers and one from Sassy Apple Studio both of which have some awesome stickers on them. I love the theme on hers with the Thankful sticker and also the beautiful florals. I am in love with that Camera. The one form Sassy Apple Studio has some fun stickers like the No Coffee No Talkie and Wine Down. Definitely have her shop marked down to check out. (I was also given permission to give you the code that came on the bottom of this sampler for Sassy Apple Studio for 25% off)


Before I get to the kit I also picked up two personal size dashboards. One that matches the kit and another that I thought would be cute for February. Again these two came from my ‘extra budget’ since they weren’t on my list to pick up. I got them unpunched and I think I am going to laminate them.


The kit layout is super unique. I ordered the full Erin Condren kit “Christmas Pine”

You could also order just the two full box sheets or just the two functional sheets but I decided to pick up the whole kit. I love how different the layout is, but I was super confused by the number series on the top when I was trying to figured out the pages.

The full kit come with those four sheets plus a deco sheet and a sheet of half boxes and appointment type labels. Which now I can see why the functional sheets include some of those as well, just in case you don’t buy the full kit. I wanted the deco on this one so I was definitely buying the whole kit. But now that I see how many stickers there are I could probably use this kit for a month. I am curious to why there are no headers (besides the couple that look like they may be more for side bar)

As much as this kit confuses me I am completely obsessed with the quality of the paper and all the clip art. I purchased it specially for the week when we go and cut down our Christmas tree, so I am excited to use it for that. Also just a note she does offer different hair and skin tones for the girl carrying the tree.

Because I didn’t need a whole lot of kits, I did splurge a bit on the ones I really wanted.

Like this kit from Plan It Beautiful


Oh but lets first start with the sample

The paper is vinyl matte which I love when I am in the mood to splurge a bit. I love how vinyl matte stickers have just a bit of a sheen to them. I will most likely use this in the spring as I love the florals and lavender. However I have no clue what that round sticker is beside the girl, so if you know please help me out and tell me in the comments below. I also love how both this shop and Cricket Paper Co tell you what type of pen to use on their paper. It would suck to use the wrong pen and ruin your sticker. (Also again sorry for the flashback)

I picked up these beautiful water colour headers, To Do headers which will be perfect for kits that don’t include them and Cleaning Day words


The kit “Christmas Wonderland”- the sticker saying the kit name is perfect for me who never remembers the name of the kit.

This kit is huge. Usually I don’t order full kits because I don’t use the ombre heart checklists typically, but when I like the deco of a kit & the icon stickers are on the same sheet as the side bar sitckers then I will sometimes pick up the whole kit–like I did this time. Plus because the whole kits usually come with the date cover ups I can usually use the kit twice (once in my Happy Planner & then in personal planner)

IMG-0651The icon stickers are so adorable on this kit. I love how they are cut around the shape rather then the typically circle icons. The christmas tree in this double box is what really sold me on the kit.

This kit also came with the choice of hair colour and skin tone as well.

I just looked at the full boxes to pick out my fav (Anyone else do that?) and I love so many of them. The girl, the beverage, the deer face, the holy, the carousel, the tree, really I can’t pick.


The Studyholic

When I saw The Studyholic had releases this Snowy Nights kits I knew I had to have it. I hate winter (which sucks even more since I live in Canada and can’t avoid it) but I love when it is super snowy outside and I am curled up inside with a book and a coffee.


This came with two samplers one from the Studyholic and one for Let’s Plan It.

I love the leave pile and that maple leaf on the Studyholic sampler. Also that heart in the corner is for her freebie card. You collect six of them and receive a free mini kit. I love this idea. I love the oops bought more stickers, sticker on the LPI sampler. It is hard to see on this photo but the Let’s Plan It sampler came with a promo code which I have permission to share which is Save 15% until November 15th with PBCSS.

The studyholic was running a promo that when you purchased from her shop during the sale you got one of these cute diecuts. I got the pirate.

Now onto the kit.

I love the girl in the double box. I want her socks in real life. The Studyholic also gives choice on hair colour and skin tone. I got the matching die cut of the girl.


I have shown The Studyholic kits on my blog before (I am a PR girl for, but I did purchase this kit) I have loved her stickers and kits since I started planning. One thing I love is that she has the headers Tidbits I love that much more then Little Things.

I love the full boxes that Warm & Cozy is one of my favs. Also the washi strips and how they look like it is snowing at night (haha obviously since that is the name of the kit) but I love how it looks glittery but snowy. This is definitely a very glam kit. I love how I will be able to use this anytime during the winter and I may save it for February since it hint of pink and romance to me with the roses and the colour selection.


I love the snowflakes in behind the date cover ups as well, and how cute are those slippers.

My last order is from Zoe K Creations

This is another new to me shop but her cute stickers caught my eye so I did a small order from her shop.

Firstly for the samples and extras. I was surprised to see these two little erasers. They are so adorable. I think I am going to attach them to paper clips and make them into cute bookmarks or planner clips.


She also included a page of stickers related to the PBC sale. One for when  you recieved your order, one for a haul, another to mark when the winter sale starts, etc. I think they are a cute ad on. I’m not sure I will use them but I am sure those who track the sale or definitely those shops that participate in the sale would use them.

There is also a sample from Sunshine Sticker Co. I love the retail therapy one. Also the Not Today Satan makes me laugh each time I read it.

Onto what I purchased. I had it on my list to purchase an Christmas countdown sticker set, but I found these and although they are not a count down to Christmas there are 20 of them and I am considering down a countdown to Christmas movie marathon and count down to Christmas that way. I am definitely thinking I am going to use these on one page with a whole movie theme, but who knows maybe I will use them in my weekly spread. I love the bears, although I do wish they were all christmas theme bears like the one with the Santa hat. The others don’t seem as christmasy to me. Although that one with the bird on it’s head reminded me of the lady in the Home Alone movie that has all the pigeons.

WOW!  That ended up being a longer post then planned, but I wanted to include my opinions on what I picked up as well as photos of the stickers. I also want to include how I did with my budget and my shopping list. So if you are interested in that portion read on below.

*I did purchase from another shop unfortunately the stickers still haven’t arrived.


This is the photo from my post on My Tips & Budget for The PBC sale.


So lets start with what I did get off the list

Halloween Kit — check- Spell On You from Cricket Paper Co

Christmas Kit –check-Christmas Wonderland from Plan It Beautiful, Winter Whimsy- Cricket Paper Co and Christmas Pine from Eclectically Emily. (Ok so I was only looking for one -so I didn’t do great on this section)

Winter Kit– I picked up two like I planned Snowy Nights from The Studyholic & Wonderland from Cricket Paper Co

Christmas Countdown- I didn’t get a Christmas Countdown instead I got the Christmas Movies from Zoe K Creations.

I did get inserts for my Personal Planner- The two dashboards from Eclectically Emily–but really I was looking for calendar and weekly pages inserts so I consider the dashboards extras.

I didn’t find blog & budget stickers (I decided after I made my list that I didn’t need any fitness stickers) but I did picked up some cleaning stickers which I did want.

Stickers that weren’t on my list:

Micro Page from Cricket Paper Co

Header sheet from Plan It Beautiful

OK so besides picking up more Christmas kits then what was on my list, how did I do budget wise

I did stay in budget. My total for my orders came to $123.85 but I wouldn’t say I did the greatest since I have over purchased again for Christmas kits.

Christmas kits are my weakness.

I would love to hear what you picked up during the sale and any shops you recommend so definitely let me know below.

Also if you are interested in the Canadian Planner Sale that is happening this weekend check out my post here for all the shops and my picks.



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