My Tips For Shopping The Sephora Sale

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Whatever your Sephora status (Beauty Insider, VIB, VIB Rouge) if you are anything like me you have putting products into your imaginary cart for a couple weeks (ummm month) now in preparation for the upcoming sale.

I thought today I would share how I prep for the sale & my tips for shopping the sale so I don’t go overboard and over budget.

Quickly if you are new to the Sephora Sales- they happen twice a year, fall and spring. Sephora gives different percentages off depending on your Sephora status. Below are the dates for each Sephora classification.


Firstly I use this sale for three purposes 

  1. To restock on my commonly used products eg. Skincare or Makeup products that I continually purchase, concealers, eyeliners, etc.
  2. To explore new products- usually in the form of ‘value’ sets
  3. To splurge a bit and treat myself on a product or two I have been wanting (especially the pricey products)

So How Do I Prep For Those Three Things 


This one is easy- I just go through my makeup and skincare and write down any products I am really loving and want to continue to repurchase. I could probably list them off the top of my head, but I find going through my collection makes me think a bit more about whether I actually need to purchase it.

Exploring New Products/ Splurge

I do this in a few different ways 

  1. I typically have a list of products I want to try out on the go, for example the Luna Sleeping Oil, it has been on my list for a while now. I like trying these products out through Value Sets so I usually have any eye out for them, when sales like these come up. (I know I could go to Sephora and get samples–but I live really far from Sephora, and I like having a large size when it comes to skin care to really get a better feeling on the product)
  2. Exploring the Sephora website. I am probably on Sephora once a day at least just looking at products and reading reviews. I scan through Sephora like people scan through Facebook. Because the site is so huge with so many products, I find spending some time `window` shopping their site helps me prepare.
  3. Blogs/Youtube I enjoy reading and watching what other people are liking to find new products this also gives me ideas of what I might want to splurge on.


Photo from Pexels


  • Don’t make your budget and definitive list too early or if you want to prep early be sure to keep aside some extra fun money for last minute additions. Sephora is constantly adding products for the Holidays so you if you make your picks too early, you will most likely see something in the days before the sale that you want to purchase and that can lead to going over budget.
  • When I make my budget for the sale- I break it into two categorizes my main budget and my splurge budget. I decide overall what I can spend then I cut money out of that for a splurge. I do this because I like to shop the sale more then once usually, because I am on the site frequently. My splurge money gives me the chance to buy something I see last minute after I have spent my main budget without making myself feel bad for going over budget. Sometimes I spend this extra money, sometimes I don’t but I like having it built in just in case.
  •  This year for VIB Rouge there are two sets of shopping dates so I am going to plan according so I don’t overspend.
My Plan
Photo from Pexels

Order of Importance 

  • Make a list of your needs and wants – My needs include my skincare products that I know I will be buying throughout the year- my wants are new products or splurge products.
  • Purchase the products you continually use like your cleanser but don’t over purchase. It can be tempting to pick up enough to last you till the next sale- I did this with the cleanser I was using a couple sales ago and then that cleanser stopped working for me.
  • I like to purchase one to use and one to use next to keep from over purchasing. This is why I find it helpful to go through my makeup and skincare stash before I shop the sale- to really know how much of products I have left. Same goes for makeup products unless you have always used the same mascara and eyeliner and don’t like to switch it up, I would avoid buying too many backups. I like to try out new products, so I try not to stock up on too many makeup products.

Making Cuts

  • Make cuts from your wants list and not your needs. If it gets down to the day of the sale- and you have your list made but then you see another product you want but is outside your budget- I suggest cutting from your wants list. Put that product up against something on you want list and see which one comes on out top. Cutting a product from your ‘needs’ like a cleanser or serum that you know you are going to have to repurchase in a couple months.

udThe Value of Value Sets

  • Be careful with Value Sets- make sure you are going to use the majority of the products included. If you are only purchasing it for one or two products, it may be more value in purchasing full sizes of the one or two products you want. Check the sizes of the products in the set, figure out the cost per oz. It may take a minute to calculate but you will see what the true value is.
  • Also check for value sets in the full size products you are planning to buy. For example, the Trouble Maker Mascara in full size is $30 (CAD) but right now they have a duo with the full size mascara & full size 24/7 Eye Pencil ($25) for $39 together. To me a black eyeliner is always useful, so I would purchase this set for the extra 8 bucks instead of just the mascara on it’s own. Of course if the value set comes with products you won’t use then it isn’t worth the extra money, but they often give you the opportunity to try out new products.

Get A Larger Discount

  • Use Ebates when shopping the sale. If you haven’t heard of Ebates it is a site that gives you a percentage of your purchases back in cash. It sounds too good to be true and I was super skeptical (the website looks kind of hoaxy too) but I have been using it for a couple years now. Sephora tends to be 4%-8% most times so if you spent $100 you could get $4.00-$8.00 back. When I am shopping I got to Ebates first and then enter the Sephora site off the Ebates site and that is how it tracks your purchases. You get your cash back every three months (if it is less then $5 then they will carry it over) If you want to sign up through my link here  I do get a $5 for the referral.


So that is my process & tips for shopping the sale. I will be posting what I plan to pick up and some of my product recommendations later this week. When I have that post up I will come back and link it here.

I would love to here if you have any tips for shopping the sale. So leave a comment below and share to help others shopping. 




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