Sephora VIB Sale Wishlist- Fall 2017


With the Sephora sale fast approaching (Starts Friday November 3rd) I have been stalking the Sephora site making a wishlist of both products I want to pick up and ones that I am interested in and want to check out in store. My list was huge and I have trimmed it down quite a bit, but I still haven’t made my final choices, and now with two weekends for VIB Rouge, I will have a bit more time to decide.

I wanted to share what products have made it onto my Love list at Sephora.

On Sunday I posted my tips for shopping the Sephora Sale- where I share my budgeting tips and how I shop the sale, so definitely check that out if you haven’t already –> My Tips For Shopping The Sephora Sale

I wish this list could be a bit more in order, however  I have been adding to it overtime so makeup and skincare products are intertwined.



Lets start with the fact that my face has once again revolted against me and I am having bad cystic acne breakouts that I can’t pin point. So I am looking for some new products in hopes to take care of that. I am also running low on toner and don’t enjoy my current one (Clinque’s 1.0 –the ‘replacement’ for their Mild Clarifying Lotion that I loved for years–and this nothing like it) So I thought I would pick up a new toner. It will  be between the Ole Henriksen, Kate Somerville and Peter Thomas Roth. The OH one has -Salicylic (BHA) + Glycolic and Lactic Acids (AHAs) to help lift and loosen dead skin cells which the old Clinque one had. But I worry about the oil control part since I am not super oily. I have also heard great things of KS so I think it will probably come down to one of these two, but I will check these out in store.

The Dermalogica brand is new at Sephora and the ‘Resurfacing’ caught my attention and the fact that it is formulated with highly active Latic Acid and it doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances, artificial colors, drying S.D. alc+6ohol, and ingredients like mineral oil that can irritate the skin. Have you tried this before I would love to know your opinion.


A couple more skin care products. I have wanted to try out the Saturday Skin brand for a while and I am in the search for a new eye cream. However I do still have a couple eye creams that are working ok for me, so I may save this one for when I run out (because Eye cream is tooooo expensive to throw away) and maybe get a sample of this to try out.

This Kate Somerville sample set looked like a good way a couple of her acne products at a lower cost. It will all depend where I am with my budget if I pick these up or not.

I am a sucker for the Urban Decay lipsticks and although this shade looks similar to may others it is actually a Metallic finish which I don’t really have much in my collection like it. I definitely want to swatch this in person.

Colour Pop has arrived at Sephora which is nice for us Canadians that don’t want to order of the Colour Pop US website. I have put two different lip gloss trios on my list and I can’t decide between the two. The first is Ultra High Shine and the second has two Ultra Satin & one Ultra Glossy. I am leaning towards the second.


I had to put the Tartelette Toasted on my list. I am waiting to see this one in person before I decide because I really don’t ‘need’ another eye shadow palette but I also want to look at the Tarte Buried Treasure palette. Tarte has so many eye shadows palettes out and holiday releases, and they are all pretty, but I find many have similar colours in them.

Next up are a few products I am definitely buying as they are products I use almost everyday. Firstly the It Cosmetics CC Plus Cream. I typically wear Medium but find it is a little dark for me in the winter, so I am going to get light as well and mix them. I have recently fallen back in love with this CC cream and it seems to be the only makeup I can put on my face when I have breakouts that doesn’t make them worse.



Another product I am repurchasing is the Clinique Take Off The Day Cleansing Balm. I just purchased one a couple weeks ago as I can’t live without. But I think I will only purchase one during the sale. If you read my post on my tips for shopping the sale, I have in the past made the mistake of buying backs ups but then changing what I use.

A new product to me is the Briogeo Hair Mask. I recently went super light with my hair and it definitely could use some TLC and this mask is top rated, so I thought the sale would be a great time to try it out.

I have a couple Buxom Lip products on my list this year. First this 15 piece collection and then a three piece mini collection. I go back and forth on the 15 piece one because I know the colours I like to use and that is about 9 of the shades include. I know I will never wear that lavender shade, so I don’t know if this collection is really worth it for me.


Back into skin care. I have been looking at the FAB Lip Balm for a while now and thinking about trying it out. If you have read my post Lip Care Routine For Very Dry Lips you know I struggle with dry lips. The cream has great reviews are well. I have a couple samples I am going to try of this in the next week to see if I like it and if I do I will purchase the kit, if not I will purchase the individual lip balm that is $15 itself (in the kit the lip balm is half size but the cream is a full size mini valued at $15)

I have been going back and forth on the Boscia set. I am currently using the cleanser in it, but like I said my skin is breaking out like crazy. However my pores around my nose and forehead have never looked so good. So I don’t think it is the cleansers fault. The cleanser in this set is full size and costs $40 on it’s own and you get the Revitalizing Black Charcoal Hydration Gel, White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Spray, and Luminizing Black Mask which is worth almost $17.

I am loving the mask sets this year. Which is making it hard to choose. The FAB has three but also includes that cream (so if I get the lip set I don’t need this one) But the Peter Thomas Roth has 6 minis in it, which would be fun to try out. The Caudalie is a set for pore minimizing and brightening which looks nice as well. For me the mask sets are about which is the better value, it is what I think I need the most of and with my combination skin it would be nice to have the PTR ones to use depending on the mood of my skin.


The Ole H night transformation gel is a product I have been using for a while now. I have it on the list to replace but I go through it a lot slower then my other serums, because I can’t use it every day without drying out my skin. So I don’t necessarily need this large of size.

I have been looking at the Sephora Sets which are always my weakness and this Winter Skin Saviors caught my eye, since I live in cold cold Canada. However after looking at this kit further I have decided it would be a better value for me to try out the products in it that interest me on their own rather then in this grouping. It was really just the Sunday Riley product that interested me plus I would get more of my Vitamin C serum I use all the time.


Speaking of Vitamin C. I love my Ole Henriksen Truth Serum (as you can see I have it on my list below) but this Drunk Elephant kit has enticed me into trying out the C Serum. I have heard such good things about it. But I really want to look at the ingredients and compare them to the Truth Serum before I decide. It comes with the Hydragel and Gelly Cleanser but the Cleanser doesn’t have that great of reviews. There is also a set that is comes with the Hydration Gel and C Serum (8ml each) for $29 which might be a better choice for me trying it out.

On to more lips. This Bite set looks like it would be a great value for me, since I like all the shades in it and I have been really wanting to try out the formula. The Too Faced melted lips I love and this set has two plus a Melted Matte and a Melted Latex both which I haven’t tried. However my lip product collection has grown a lot this year and I am trying to resist the urge to over purchase shades I already have similar to.

The Tarte set has been taking off my list because I have been recently trying out some of their lip paints and they are not my fav.


The Bit Beauty set is such a great value. I like the lip mask and haven’t tried the other two products yet, and with winter on it’s way I think this kit would be a great addition into my lip care routine.

This Beauty Sleep Set is on the top of my list. It has the two set Glam Glow Treatment which I believe I have a sample of I haven’t tried but I do love their products. I am most excited to try out the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil- its been on my list for a while. I had tried the DE TLC Night Serum a while back but want to try it out again. Plus you get a 30ml of a Living Proof hair treatment. I think this is a great little kit- and although the samples are small- I think it is a great way to try out different brands.

The Tarte Blush Bazaar has been on my list for a while. Depending on the budget it may or may not come home with me. I love Tarte blushes but I am not sure I would love a palette. It looks big and bulky.



And finally the last products on my list (right now, I am sure more will be added)

Another Tarte palette. This one seems like a good value. You get 24 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, a hightlighter (Wunderlust), full size eye liner, mini of Lights Camera Flashes, and a deluxe matte lip paint. I think I may skip the other Tarte eye shadow and blush palette and go with this one, if the quality is. Which from the reviews it looks like it is. The eye shadow shade range looks great. The blue-green, reds, blushes, it seems like I would have a lot more options with this palette then the others. The blushes look like they would be flattering, and you get a matte bronzer and a shimmer. The more I write the more I convince myself on this one.

A set I have been convincing myself out of is the Give Me More Lip Kit. I love Sephora Lip Kits. Love them. I even have two reviews on previous kits. Review: Sephora Favourites- Give Me Some Nude Lip and Review: Sephora Favorites- Give Me Some Nude Lip  but like I said I really, really don’t need to add to my lip collection and right now getting my skin under control has to be more of a priority. I wish I had an endless budget for this sale but I don’t, so I will have to decide what can wait.

The final two items on my list are skin care. One is a Dr. Jart Mask for Brightening- no surprise since that has been a common theme of skin care on my list. Secondly a Philosophy Cleanser. My skin reacts really well to Salicylic Acid for my breakouts. My old Clinque Toner had it in it, and I feel like that is what my skin is missing. However this is on sale which means Sephora is clearing it out, and I don’t want to fall in love with a product that is discontinued. But it would be a good way to see a Salicylic based cleanser will help improve my skin–and the price tag is right!

So that is my long list of products that I am interested in for the sale. I know I won’t purchasing probably half of it, but I wanted to share the products that I think are worth checking out. Also I thought I would include some products that aren’t on my list, but that I think are definitely worth checking out.

First up Makeup sets. I love the Amuse Bouche Lip Sticks. This is a great value $29 with a $68 value. I would be picking this up, if I didn’t already have two of the shades.

The next is a splurge item and is similar to my splurge item last year. I got a set of the first three Naked Palettes. This one is a bit more expensive $185 but does have the Naked Heat. It is a great kit if you don’t have any of these amazing palettes yet, or if you and a friend wanted to split it, it would be great for that as well. The price is steep but you are getting four palettes for the price of three and with the discount code it is a great time to purchase.

Next skin care

Again another product I splurged on last year. A Foreo Mini. I also purchased it in a set similar to this one. At $159 with a value of $214, I purchased this at this time last year and saved the tax with being VIB at the time. If you read my post on Skin Care Tips you know that is device has changed my skin. Is it perfect? No but the texture of my skin (until recently) has been so much better.

The Ole Henriksen Kit is expensive as well and there are a ton of other smaller kits from the same brand, but this one is a fantastic way to try so many of their products. I fell in love with OH this year and love the brand. I love that this is an Advent Calendar and for $82 you do get to try a lot of products. If you are on budget like me, they do have some mini kits starting at $30, I will link them here.

I would love to hear what its on your shopping list. Do we have anything the same? Comment below.

My next post will be up on Sunday and will be my October Monthly favourites so definitely check back or subscribe so you don’t miss it.




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