November Monthly Spread

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I stopped using Etsy Monthly Sticker Kits in June. It’s not that I didn’t like them, I just found that I don’t use my monthly layout as much and the $12-20 seemed like a waste.

This month I decided to try to use a Weekly Page out of one of the Me and My Big Ideas Sticker Books (1050) and create a monthly spread.


I love using Washi Tapes on my monthly spreads so I went through and picked out a few that I thought would work well.



Firstly, I have been pre-planning on a half sheet for the last couple months. I use one side for Birthdays & Events and the other side for To Dos and Bills. I usually start the list mid way through the current month, it makes it so easy to plan out my spread when I can see my main events and bills for that month.


Like I said I used a sheet from the 1050 book and I think it worked really nicely.

I also used one sticker from the Memory Keeping Book


I used the headers Remember, Dream Big, & Happy Life to create my sidebar. I made a washi flag to go with the Remember flag, and then just layered washi tape under the other two headers.

I love that each checklist has five spaces and there are five weeks in November. So I will be using the Remember for the main event each week, the Dream Big for things I want to accomplish and Happy Life for something I am grateful for that week.


I used the full boxes for accents on specific dates. Some I left larger like the one on the 23rd for a friend’s birthday and others I cut into smaller strips.

One of the boxes I used to make strips but also made flags to mark my paydays & a bill that land on the same day.

I used the circle inspiration quotes throughout the month and added headers that I think work well with the quote in the circle, eg. Today- Live In The Moment.

The last two days on the page are days in December so I decided to cover them up with a quote from another Mambi sticker book (Happy Memory Keeping- Everday Memories) I took a chance that I won’t have anything going on for the 30th, because it does cover a portion of that day.


I decided to put the Weekend Memories banner in even though the weekend is split on two pages. At first I was going to cut the sticker and put memories over the Sunday, but decided I was fine with it over the Friday-Saturday.

I love how this spread turned out. I am still searching for the best use of my monthly pages and am thinking of completely changing it up in the New Year, but even when I do, I still love the idea of using weekly sticker pages for a monthly spread.

I would love to see how you use your monthly spread. If you have an Instagram that you post your planner on definitely comment it below.

Happy Planning!




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