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My New 2018 Happy Planner- Why I’m Leaving The Neutral HP Behind


If you read my post on the new 2018  Me and My Big Ideas Planners you’ll know I was pretty underwhelmed by the new designs, but since the New Planner Girl Planners aren’t being released  in Canada, if I want a Happy Planner for 2018, I had to pick from what was available.

Today I want to share which planner I ended up picking for my 2018 Happy Planner and show you a more detailed flip through. Also if you have been loving the 2017 neutral planner, but are looking to venture out a bit into the world of colour, the planner I chose might work for you too.

So as you can tell from my title, I did decide to skip the Neutral planner this time around. Like I mentioned in my first impressions of the new planners   they hardly changed it up, leaving the majority of the dividers the same, and the Modern version has shaded in weekends which drive me crazy. It is one of the two design elements that I really don’t like in the Happy Planners (I’ll get to the second one in a bit)

So I knew I was going to be looking for a netural-ish version of the Happy Planner which I thought was leading me to the Boho Deep Tones. This planner is Gorgeous!! I loved it and could even have dealt with the colour in the monthly weekends. However the weekly pages had their days in colour and I know this would have bothered me. I know it seems like the smallest detail, and even writing this I feel like a complete idiot, but I like my colour spreads to match, so the Boho Deep Tones was out.

So in the end I decided to go with the Soft Geos or as I call it Choose Joy. The purple discs may seem a far jump from a neutral planner, but the inside is really what sold me on this planner.

Hi There Page


I do like the purple discs–they are super pretty–but I definitely will be changing them out depending on the colours in my spread. I really would love to find black discs on day.

Soft Geo Cover


Colour Scheme

Obviously purples, mints, and black as on the front cover, but they also added in a peach tone which I think is suppose to be reminiscent of the rose gold that is the font on the front cover. They also bring in some grey tones, which I like with this colour scheme.

Currently Page

I don’t mind the monthly dashboard in this planner. The dashboards in general are the other design element that I really don’t like it the Happy Planner. However this one is a bit more functional then previously versions. I like that it has a place for goals, notes, and a listing for Don’t Forget items. I will probably change up the Birthday box to something else since I always put Birthdays on the monthly calendar anyhow. But I do like how it is a box, so I could label it anything I want. They kept the currently listing, but at least it is smaller and I could easily cover it. I have been changing up my currently pages in my current planner and have a blog post going up soon for it, when it does I will link it here, if you are looking for some inspiration for your currently page.


These are the dashboards in my previous planners- Left is from a colourful planner and the Right is from the 2017 Neutral.



Mambi switched up their colour weekends with dotted grids. Not too sure why they decided to do this but I am thankful that they kept it to just the monthly spread. They brought in a bit of the planner design elements (geometric designs) into the top of their monthly spreads. Again this doesn’t excite me, and I could go without, but it is also subtle enough that it isn’t going to effect the look of my spread.



Weekly Pages 

IMG_1315The pretty neutral weekly pages are what sold me on the planner. They have a bit of colour through the monthly tab at the top of the page, and some geometric designs on the bottom of the pages, but other then that black is the main shade on these pages.

I also really like the Notes & Important headers in the sidebar. I don’t go heavy on stickers in my side bar typically so I like that these two headers are already there. I could throw in a couple habit trackers and it would be perfect.

Typical of Mambi style some pages have quotes on the bottom. I don’t mind this either. Most times I use washi on the bottom of my pages anyhow, but if you didn’t the quotes are nice.


I like the dividers. Besides the cutesy eyelash one, they stay pretty neutral. I don’t want to say sophiscated, but I feel like you could bring this planner into a work meeting and it wouldn’t stick out. The purple discs might bring some attention though.


IMG_1315I am a huge font person. I take forever to choose a font whenever I am creating things and it is one of the first things I look at when I open a planner for the first time. I love the fonts in this planner. I love the boldness of the numbers in the weekly spreads. I love the thick handwritten font of the month names and the font in the sidebars. I think Mambi in general does a great job with their fonts.



Why You Might Want This Planner

If you are like me and typically choose the neutral planner- not because you want a black, which and grey scale planner, but because you want minimal outside colours in your planner spreads, this planner may be a good choice for you.

If you use a neutral planner because of work, but are looking to change it up and think you want to add a bit of colour in, this planner would work for that. (Work even better with some black discs–and if you know of some good black discs let me know in the comments)

Are you using a 2018 Happy Planner? I would love to hear which one you chose. I am still pretty underwhelmed with the selection so who knows when the 18 month planners are released, I may have to switch it up mid year.






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