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Changing Up The Happy Planner Currently Page


It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the Happy Planner’s monthly dashboard pages. I am sure there are people who enjoy writing their currently lists each month, but for me I really need a more functional page.

However since I do like the Happy Planner, I have been trying to change it up to make it a bit more functional for me.

Although I don’t feel like I have my dashboard perfect yet, I wanted to share how I changed them up, what I track in them, and maybe give someone else some inspiration for changing theirs up.

Happy Planner Dashboard Neutral

My main gripe with the monthly page is the currently listing. Even though they switch up the dashboard page in each of their planners they still all have the Currently listing in one way or another. The only part of this dashboard I find useful is the Notes section. I put the Birthdays for the month on the actual calendar, as well as any important dates. So for me, the current layout is only 25% helpful.


Happy Planner Dashboard AprilSo in April I decided to change up the currently space by covering the currently list with washi tape. Although writing over top of the washi tape to make a title didn’t really work, it at least showed me that this page could be useful for me, especially when it came to my blog.

So come May I tried it again. I still found it wasn’t functioning exactly as I needed it to. But at least with the washi tape it was looking pretty.


So in October I decided to switch away from planning my blog on the dashboard  and write out some monthly goals. I also used the the Notes to list what I needed for mine and my husband’s Halloween costumes.

Happy Planner Dashboard October

This month I have switched back to blog planning on this page again. This time covering up the Birthday space I didn’t need and also changing the Notes section to Ideas. I didn’t bother covering the important dates themselves, since they take up the whole section anyhow, but I did cover the title with a Mambi Sticker for some inspiration. I really like how this one came out.  I also drew in some Poppies at the top by November for Remembrance Day.

Happy Planner Dashboard November
The T & S with the numbers are Thursdays & Sundays with their corresponding dates. I write posts for the planning side of my Blog on Thursday and beauty posts on Sundays 🙂

These pages aren’t perfect, and covering up the currently list covers up a lot of the page, but at least it is a bit more functional. Is it perfect? No. Would I love the planner to come with a more functional dashboard? Heck yes. But I think there are ways you can use a little bit of washi tape, markers, & a few stickers to make it more suitable for you.


My new planner has a better dashboard but still has the currently listing, so I definitely will be changing that up when I get into that planner, but at least it does have some more functional titled spaces, such as the Monthly Goals & Don’t Forget.

Do you use your currently page as it is or do you change it up? I love seeing what others do with this page, so definitely tag your IG account below if you post planner photos.






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