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Ipsy: November Reveal & October Review


Last month I decided to start a new series here on the blog to give my first impressions of the current month’s ipsy bag products, but also review the previous month’s products. I find sometimes I get excited by a product I receive but then after using it for the month I change my mind. If you want to check out last month’s post see it here–> IPSY: October Reveal & September Review

So lets start with the new bag.

Novembers theme is All You and has 5 real ‘ipsters’ spotlighted on the card. The card says to go to the Ipsy site to hear their empowering stories.

Ipsy Bag Nov 2017

The Bag

Although I have heard many people weren’t excited with the bag this month. I really like it. I am not a huge fan of yellow but mixed with the metallic I really like it. Plus I find it is super soft and unlike some of their other bags, the pull feels really sturdy.

Ipsy Bag November 2017

Ok on to the more important stuff, the products.

If I haven’t mentioned this before I tend to peek when the email comes, but since I have a terrible memory so most times I forget what’s coming.

This first item was the only one I remembered, and was the one I was most excited for.

Too Faced Hangover RX 3in1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray (2.0ml/0.06fl.oz)

Too Faced 3in1 PrimerNot gonna lie, I was excited for this product because I miss read it and thought it was just the regular primer. I am not a huge fan of spray products for my face. Also 3in1 products seem kind of gimmicky to me. Although I have read some really good reviews online about it being similar to the UD All Nighter Spray which I do use when I do a full-face going out makeup look. So I will definitely give it a try during the upcoming holiday season. However one try will be all I will get out of this tiny, tiny bottle.

Next we have a brand that I hadn’t heard of–Touch In Sol. A friend later told me that the brand sells on Sephora and has a high rated primer. So that has me a bit more intrigued then I was at first.

Touch In Sol – Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation #23 Natural Beige (10ml/0.33fl.oz)

The match is pretty decent for me. I put it on the back of my hand on my IG stories the other day and I have it on the back of my hand in the photo above (above the gold highlighter–that we will get to in a minute). I love that it has SPF30 in it, since I tend to wear the CC Plus Cream from It Cosmetics most days because of it’s SPF coverage. The only two things that concern me is 1. It doesn’t dry down well. I left it on my hand for probably 10 minutes and it still hadn’t dried down. 2.It is highly fragrant and the smell didn’t seem to disappear as it dried. It’s not a bad smell, it just has a lot of fragrance to it.

Next a  lip product. Lip Locked Lip Stain in the shade Pinot Noir  from Manna Karda Beauty (1.5ml/0.052 fl.oz)  It’s a mineral based lip stain the claims to last all day and have Vitamin A&E  plus Berry Extract to keep lips nourished. I am in love with the colour. It is going to be perfect for around the holidays. It applies very wet and I definitely will need a lip liner with this one, but the colour is so pretty, I think it is worth the extra steps.

Next I got a Highlighter from Doucce in the shade Solstice. (0.12oz/3.4g)

IMG_1588I am not a fan of this type of packaging. I find that they pan falls out and since I don’t have a palette to put it in, it will most likely get lost in a drawer. I did read that it was suppose to be highly pigmented and soft, but from my first swatch I though it was pretty dry and it took a lot of work to get a good swatch. The colour is pretty, and if it doesn’t work out for a highlighter for me I will try it out for eye shadow.

Lastly I was super surprised by this product. As soon as I saw the box I knew was Lisa Frank but was confused because I didn’t know she made cosmetics. And because I see Lisa Frank as such a young brand I was confused by this product. After looking it up I found out that Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls have put out this line.

This is Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer and it comes in a 6g container. I understand where they are going with the packaging, but it is soooo YOUNG and plasticy. The swatch of the product is nice, so I will give it a try, but its hard to get past the cheap packaging.

Overall Thoughts

I really like how with this bag I could do almost a complete look. I have a primer, a foundation, a bronzer, a highlight, a lipstain, and a setting spray. I could use the highlight and bronzer for my eyeshadow and be good to go. However there is nothing in this bag that I am super excited about. But as I said in the intro some of the products I am least excited by end up being my favs from the bag, so we shall see next month.

I have again included the value of the bag below. The value much less then last month’s bag even with the two full size products.



So lets talk about how the October Products worked out for me.

Lets go from favourite down to my least fav.

#1 The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder as I probably mentioned in last month’s post, I have this product in the loose form. But holy I love the pressed. As you can see I hit pan on this and that’s because I have used it pretty much every day. It is so much more convenient for me in the pressed then the loose, and they work the exact same. I do however still have to say that the Maybelline Fit Me Powder is so close to this and for the price difference I don’t know if I will be replacing this when it’s gone.

#2 Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

I really like this primer. I have used the Urban Decay Primer Potion for years and this one has a different texture, so it took me a couple days to get used to it but now I am really liking it. I did a wear test with this one and the UD and they wore the same. This one is a bit more slippery then the UD one, so I find that matte drier shades blend easier with this one compared to the Urban Decay but the UD ones is better for my glittery shade. However the UD one is sooo much cheaper  $28 for 10ml compared to $26 for 2.4ml of the Smashbox.


#3 Next up is the concealer from Hey Honey. This concealer claims to be a highly pigmented concealer that will cover up dark circles. However I can’t seem to get the coverage from this product. It is super light on me as well so I find it hard to blend into my foundation without blending it all away. I am continuing to try this out, because I like the texture of this, and maybe if my under eye cream can lessen my dark circles, this coverage will  be enough for me.


#4 Context Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream

I like this eye cream although I find some of it’s ingredient concerning. It absorbs quickly into the skin which is a bonus in the morning when I am waiting for my skin care to absorb so I can put makeup on. I like the gel texture of it as well because it doesn’t feel greasy at all. However the sixth and seven ingredient in this product is Dimethicone which shows up in a lot of skin care products. Dimethicone can dry out the skin and also because it forms a barrier over the skin and doesn’t let your skin breath, it can also cause other skin issues. It’s a shame because I thought it was helping my under eyes stay more hydrated but it may be other products that I have put into my routine lately.


#5 Luna Lip Crayon in shade Elara comes at the bottom of the list, but not because it is a bad product. It is at the bottom of the list because I haven’t really been grabbing for it. I like the shade, I like the texture, but I just haven’t been reaching for it. I also have been wearing a lot more lip balms (I am still obsessing with the Fresh Sugar Lip Balms) Also this shade feels a bit more spring/summer to me then the winter season we are approaching, so I may revisit this one in the spring.


I would love to hear if you subscribe to Ipsy and what you got in your October Glam Bag. I love seeing and hearing what others got, so definitely comment down below.





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