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Sephora Black Friday Sale Haul


The VIB sale was hardly over when Sephora started to promote their Black Friday deals. Sephora likes to pick a bunch of mini sets and put them at pretty low pricing. I thought I would share what I picked up this year, and since some of these are still available on Sephora, you might want to check them out.

Tarte Precious Picks Set ($13.00)

IMG_1972This set has a mini blush (Ornate), a mini colour splash lipstick in Surfs Up and the standard mini size of Lights Camera Lashes that goes in many of the Tarte sets. I purchased this set last year and was happy to see it was a different shade. The mascara is ok and I do have one other mini size of the colour splash lipstick which is pretty descent but I love the mini sizes of the Tarte blushes. This is my third mini and I was happy to see the shade is much different then the other shades I have. The mini  size makes it perfect for travel.


IMG_1971Although a bit more pricey ($20) I did decide to pick up the Benefit Cosmetics Bestseller Blowout. It was a bit more expensive because it has the full size They’re Real Mascara. I can’t remember if I have tried this mascara before. If I have it was a very long time ago. But because I love trying mascara and this one is regular $31, this set was a winner for me. I mainly wanted to pick it up because I have never tried the Holy Grail for many Hoola Bronzer (at least not in powder form) so I am excited to try it, even though it is teeny tiny. The Highbeam highlighter is cute and I can’t wait to swatch this next to a drugstore version I have to see if they are a dupe for each other.


IMG_2011This next one was purchase on a whim. Urban Decay Mini Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Body & Face in Luminous. I am not sure what I thought this was but when I swatched it, I was really surprised at the fallout of glitter on it. I think I somehow missed the Body Powder part but I can definitely see this looking gorgeous on the collarbone in the summer. Makeup like this makes me wish I went out more and had reasons to use it. But it is a gorgeous shimmer, and for $15 I think it is a welcome addition to my makeup collection. Also the cute hidden brush underneath makes me heart happy, since I am a packaging geek.

IMG_1953Murad Clarifying Control Cleanser. When I saw this as part of the Black Friday sale, I knew I had to pick it up. I have been struggling with acne on my chin now for the better part of six months and I can’t seem to find the cure. If you read my Sephora VIB Fall Sale Haul you’ll know I was going to buy a toner with salicylic acid in it, but because of my dry skin I was recommended to go in a different direction. So I am going to try this cleanser but maybe focus it on my chin only since that seems to be my trouble area, and since this stuff seems to be pretty heavy duty. It was priced at $12.00 (135ml) for the sale and it is regularly $36.00 (200ml) so this was definitely the time to try it.

This next one wasn’t part of the Black Friday sale but I picked it up at the same time so I thought I would share it in this haul. Clinque Pep Your Pout set ($25). I was planning to purchase Restorative Mask in the regular size but then came across this cute duo. I thought it would be a good chance to try them both since the perfecting balm was full size & regularly $22 by it’s self.

Finally I picked up one of the promo Prep For The Holiday Sample Bags. I thought I originally selected on of their other bags but this is the one that showed up so I am not sure if they ran out of the other and subbed this one, but it has quite a few samples in it for being free.


I would love to hear if you picked up anything during the Black Friday sale. The sale had a ton more sets, one that I missed out on that I really wanted was the First Aid Beauty Repair Moisturizer, but everything sells out pretty quickly.






2 thoughts on “Sephora Black Friday Sale Haul

  1. They’re real mascara was my first high end mascara a few years back and I liked it a lot then. The hoola is AMAZING! I have both the regular and light and can use both. I love to use it for contouring since it’s a nice matte shade. Tarte blushes are so good!

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    1. I have already started to us the Tarte Blush, the Hoola Bronzer and the High Beam. I am loving all three. The Blush I went a little heavy with the first go. I find the colour is more pigmented then the others I have. The mascara I am saving till I work my way through a few I have opened.


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