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Me & My Big Ideas New Releases- My Thoughts & Picks

Last week the Me and My Big Ideas did a Facebook live to reveal the new products that were being released next week  (December 28th in Michaels & January 8th in the Mambi Shop) I tried to watch the stream but they were having some technical difficulties and it keep cutting in and out, so I was happy to see when they uploaded stand alone videos on to their Youtube account of the products being released.  Check the videos out here 

I can definitely say I was more excited for the release after seeing those videos as I find you get a better look at the products, and don’t have the million questions being repeated on the screen, like you do in the live.

I thought today I would share what products they are releasing and more specifically the products I have plans to pick up.

Lets start with most people’s favourites- Stickers


I am typically in love with the sticker releases from Mambi and even though they have changed things up with this release I personally am more excited for other parts of the releases over the stickers.


They are releasing three new sticker books. Tiny, Productivity, and Budget. Of the three the Tiny is probably the only one that I will end up with. I am not a budget planner so I don’t have much interest in that book, and the productivity while has some great stickers (I love the hourly stickers) I just feel I would use them enough for the $29.99 Canadian they cost. However the Tiny sticker book has super adorable stickers that I could see myself using in spreads. I love the coffee cup page and the planner.


New Sticker Boxes

These are really cool. They come in Schedule, Appointments, Faith, Checklists, Mom, Travel, Menu, Wellness, Fitness, & Home Life.

In the video they show how you can cut off a portion of the box and have it so the stickers pull out in a strip for you to rip off. While I think this concept is cool (kind of reminds me of the roll of stickers at the dentist office)

I don’t think they would work for the way I plan. I tend to do colour coordinating spreads and even when I do use Mambi stickers I like to be able to flip through the book and look at all the stickers. I don’t think this method would work for the way I plan, however I can see if being really cool and easy for those who maybe don’t care what colour checklist they are putting down. What I really like about these stickers though are for the most part they are all practical stickers, because they are in boxes there aren’t huge quote stickers so for the price I think you are really getting stickers you will be able to use (if it works with the method of how you plan)

On to the parts of the releases I am more excited for

Filler Paper 

I love using Mambi filler paper to make notebooks or to put extra pages in my planner so I was super excited to see they have come out with new papers. I currently have the basic line paper, and the paper pack that has the Green, Pink & Purple paper with the headings. But in this release they are not only coming out with that paper again but they are coming out with foil and fluorescent papers. Plus they are coming out in both regualr and big size. I love the foil on the white paper and the fluorescent is so bright and pretty.

They have also come out with half sheets. The ones I am most excited for are the sheets that came out last release but for the Planner Girl Line (that wasn’t available in Canada) The daily schedule half sheets are going to be great to add into my planner. They are also releasing the Green, Pink & Purple in the half sheets, an Expense Tracker, Menu Planner & for the Big Size some regular note paper and note paper with times of the day. I think all these are great releases but will most likely be picking up the Expense and Daily Schedule half sheets for my planning.

Extension Packs

Ok. So these may be my favourite part of the new releases. Mainly because I am so excited that I am going to get my hands on an extension pack that mimics the Happy Planner Girl Trendsetter. Also after seeing this release, my 2018 planner set up came to me and I am so excited to get it set up.

So first in both Regular & Large they have the Calendar extension pack. To say I am excited for this is an understatement.  I have loved the set up of the Trendsetter the day I saw it and can’t wait to be able to use the planning sheets. I’m not super in love with the dividers in this set, but I will take functionality over pretty any day (they aren’t bad, just not my style)

Next they have an hourly extension pack, that while it’s not my cup of tea, I think it’s a good addition to their line.

They have added a Budget planner that is similar to the regular size, in large size. Again I am not into budget planning, but for those who are I think this extension pack has a lot of space, 4 pages of expense tracking for each month!

They are even adding in a fitness planner for those who plan using the Large planner. I think it is awesome that they have adding in so many more options for those who prefer that larger planner.

On to another favourite of mine. The Wellness extension pack. This pack has totally changed how I thought I was going to track my fitness and health goals this year. I was already to go in a mini horizontal planner after trying the fitness mini last year and not liking it, but this pack has changed my mind. I am going to use this to track both my fitness and health but also my wellness. I am even thinking of adding some of the extra foil papers and using this as a journal as well. This past year I have had a difficult year with my health so 2018 is the year I really focus on myself and I am hoping this extension pack with help me do that.

Also being released are some new dividers. While some of these I like, some I find super similar to old artwork and I would have loved to have seen something completely different from these.

Lastly Mambi are releasing accessory packs, I can’t remember exactly what they called them, but they are releasing one in regular and one in big and inside you get sticky notes, a planner clip, some stickers, pocket insert, and some different paper packs. I really like the paper being released in these, and depending on the price, it may be something I eventually pick up, but I have so many other things I want ahead of this at the moment. I do think this would be a perfect gift for someone who loves planning or is just getting into planning.





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