Thanks for clicking to learn a bit more about me and why I have created this blog. 

I have always considered myself a creator. In High School my favorite place to be was the art room. However after graduating and going into university, there seemed to be less and less time for ‘art’. I always put the artistic stuff to the background, thinking to myself..”when I am finished university there will be more time for it”…”when I finish traveling and have my own place, there will be more time for it”….”when I have a bigger house there will be more space and time for it.” And yet I have a house, I have the space, I could make the time, and still I don’t create as much as I would like.

That was true until I found an online community that has re-sparked my passion for creating.

Sometimes it is hard to remember when your likes became your likes, or when your hobby turned into a passion. I can’t remember the first person I came across on Youtube, but somehow I found the beauty community. On a site, that until that point I thought was used mostly for music or funny videos, I found a community of people who loved talking about beauty products as much as I did. From there, on reflection, like a chain reaction, much like how you can spend hours going from one video to the next on Youtube. Somehow I ended up a site of a Youtube creator, “Paper & Glam”, and I found my passion again. Through her videos and through videos of other Youtube creators, I found the planning community.

I loved school. I loved everything about school. But my favourite part: School Shopping. I love stationery and everything to do with paper. I stumbled upon videos on Youtube of people I never knew existed, people who have a passion for planning, like myself. I found a community I never knew existed. I have spent the last few months buying planning sticker kits, and planning like I have never before. It has made me happy but I still feel like I need to be creating. So here I start.

I don’t think an ‘About Me’ section is suppose to be this long, and if you have made it through this entire post, thank you. I want to create content that sparks joy in other people. That someone else may find inspiring and maybe find another person that has lost their ability to create, and have them believe that when you are not looking for it, it will find you again.