Hello There

Hi All,

If you are new here, welcome! If you have visited my page before, you may notice  I have made a few changes. The first change is you are here on my main page instead of a a page full of my blog posts. The reason for that? I wanted to be able to give directions depending on what blog posts you are interested in. I have been playing around with the theme a bit to make it more ‘me’ and have set up categories so you are only seeing posts you are interested in. I am loving my new set up, and hope you will like it as well. If you are here from my planning Instagram you will know that I love planning, but what you may not know is I love beauty as well. So I have created different pages in my menu above to get you to the posts you want to see. If you want to see just planning related posts, click on the title ‘planning’ in the menu above, and if you want to see beauty related posts click ‘beauty’. Maybe you are like me and want to see posts on planning and beauty, well there is a link to that as well, just click ‘I want it all’ and it will take you to all my posts. If you are on a mobile device click ‘Menu’ to get all the menu options.

Or if you don’t want to scroll up, click here for the planner stuff—>PLANNING

and here for the beauty stuff—> BEAUTY

or here for everything —> IWANTITALL

Happy Reading!